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Spanish Tutoring

Tutoring at home in South Bay Area. Spanish classes are 60 minutes long, taught by best teachers. Keep track of your progress. We won't let you fall.

Spanish Classes Online

Spanish lessons online by Skype for all levels. Follow the program and become a Spanish-Speaker right away. Online classes are 45 minutes long.


Translations services. Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Any kind of documents, theses, books, academic texts. Contact us!

Our Amazing Team

European Spanish Academy Team

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Gemma García


European Spanish Academy Manager. Experience in business and communication. PhD researcher.

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Arián Zargarán

Professor and coordinator

Native teacher. Expert in Spanish language. Degree in Communication and Master's Degree in Spanish.

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Julie Patterson


Extensive experience in translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish. B.A in Hispanic Studies.


Our Blog

News, information and curiosities to learn Spanish and know our culture. "La duda es uno de los nombres de la inteligencia" Jorge Luis Borges

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