Hello everybody!

Hello everybody!

Thank you for visiting our website. Through this blog we want to share with you our language and culture. We will write about education, grammar, vocabulary, tips and more … and everything related to the Spanish language. If you want to learn Spanish or improve your level, you are in the right place. Our Spanish classes and tips will help you to improve every day!

To start … Do you want to know a little better our country?

Spain is a European country that borders with France and Portugal. The capital of Spain is Madrid. Our official language is Spanish but we have other languages such Catalan, Galician and Basque.


The flag of Spain is known as «La Rojigualda»

bandera española

In our alphabet we have a very peculiar letter: «ñ». If you want to learn Spanish you have to know have to use it!


And this is just the beginning, we will teach you more! Visit our blog and also share with us your questions, suggestions, ideas … you’re always welcome!

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